The Wagging Tails Club 


Welcome to The Wagging Tails Club.

About Renuca Fernandes Poio /Dogwalker

I have been a pet lover since as long as I remember. As a kid, I used to cuddle and play with the street dogs and cats. I have over 11 years of experience with customer Service out of which 6 years were spent at various Veterinary clinics, where my passion for cats and dogs grew immensely. In Oslo Norway, I was working as an assistant Pet Groomer and I enjoyed it thoroughly. On various occasions, I have dog walked and looked after many dogs in the absence of their owners. I would love an opportunity for you to trust me and let me take care of your furbabies as I have done before. 



Feeding, walking, cuddling and playing. Visits are for one hour, twice a day. Each visit includes the following:

Playing with toys



Dressing your pup in their favorite outfit


Giving medications

Quick walk

Bringing in packages

Taking out trash


Each dog is different, therefore we create a special plan for each pet. 

We come to your house, take your dog out on a leash walk in or around the neighborhood, and provide your dog with personalized attention. The pace of the walk, time, greeting other dogs etc. is all customized to your pets needs and behaviors.

After every walk your pets water is refreshed. We even give them treats provided by the pet parents. If needed your pet is toweled dried and muddy paws are cleaned!

Anything else to meet your pet’s needs, as well as your own